Rules and Sanctions

Choosing a nickname is a decisive moment in characters' lives! It identifies you, it represents you, and it's how other players will remember you...
Your nickname should therefore be personal and original. However, this nickname must not be used to push personal opinions (political nicknames, etc.), nor contain content that goes against the charter (insulting or degrading nicknames, etc.). For this reason, we've placed a few restrictions on nicknames in order to avoid such issues.

We reserve the right to moderate any nickname that we deem inappropriate on DOFUS Touch. Ankama Games also reserves the right to penalize players, depending on the nature of the nickname.

Political Nicknames

DOFUS Touch is a game. It is not a tool for you to promote opinions or express political views. As with messages written in the game, nicknames that express political views are strongly discouraged and will be moderated.

Insulting Nicknames

In order to maintain a game with a joyful atmosphere and content suitable for players of all ages, insulting and degrading terms are to be avoided completely from the moment you log in to DOFUS Touch.
Nicknames may not contain insults. All nicknames relating to pedophilia, racism, sexual connotations, or obscenities will be severely punished.

Unreadable Nicknames

Other players must be able to read your nickname. Incomprehensible sequences of characters are therefore also to be avoided. If you encounter difficulties creating a nickname, do not hesitate to use the random nickname generator, available when you create a character, which will allow you to create a correct, readable nickname with a single click of your mouse. You have no excuse if you name your character "Fdshirgsq"!