Rules and Sanctions

DOFUS Touch players agree to follow a certain number of rules, These rules exist to maintain a friendly atmosphere and ensure that all players are comfortable in the game. Any player who chooses to break these rules runs the risk of being sanctioned.

In the event that a player breaks these rules, he or she will be subject to sanctions. The severity of the sanctions varies depending on the case and its seriousness.

List of Sanctions that May Be Applied by the DOFUS Touch Support Team


For certain offenses, a warning is given to the player to inform them of the rules and to warn them that they risk sanctions. This warning is sent directly in the game by the moderators or by email from Ankama. It does not expire and is automatically considered to have been read and understood by the player.


Removing the ability to speak is one of the sanctions applied by moderators against players who do not comply with the rules of DOFUS Touch. This may be accompanied by a request that Support suspend the account.


Moderators may remove players from the game for a set amount of time in the event of the most serious cases. This expulsion is usually accompanied by a request that the Support suspend the account(s) in question.

Temporary Suspension

The account is inaccessible for several days (3, 7, 15, or 30 days). This temporary suspension, applied by the Support team, is a step that sometimes precedes a permanent ban of the DOFUS Touch account. Its duration depends on the seriousness of the infraction and whether it is a repeated offense.

Definitive Suspension

The account is permanently closed; the player can no longer access it. This sanction is usually applied in cases where players are repeat offenders or have committed unforgivable breaches of the DOFUS Touch rules.

The severity of the sanction depends on the seriousness of the offense. Generally speaking, several warnings lead to a ban, and several bans lead to a permanent ban. However, some infractions automatically result in a permanent ban. Similarly, repeatedly breaking a rule can also lead to a permanent ban.

Non-Exhaustive List of Rules of Conduct that Must Be Followed

Accounts, Characters, Names, and Nicknames

All account, character, and guild nicknames must follow these rules:

  • Be pronounceable (for example, ssdfzxjf doesn't follow this rule).
  • Must not reference a political orientation, ethnicity, community, or religion.
  • Must not be vulgar or insulting.
  • Must not have sexual or pornographic connotations.
  • Must not contain your first and/or last name.
  • Must not imitate a trademark.
  • Must not refer to drugs or other illegal substances.
  • Must not suggest or refer to practices forbidden by game rules.
  • Must not imitate the names of major components of Ankama's creations (NPCs, heroes of the story, iconic places, dungeon bosses, etc.).
  • Must not imitate the name of a moderator or a member of the company.
  • Must not be written or spelled in an alternative way in an attempt to circumvent the rules imposed here.

Lending accounts is forbidden, because of various possible abuses (using the borrowed account to commit offenses, theft, etc.). If this rule is not followed, both parties involved (loaner and loanee) may be sanctioned.

Selling, buying, trading and giving accounts is forbidden. The accounts are the property of Ankama and, as such, no pecuniary profit, whether in real or virtual (kamas) currency, can be derived therefrom. Moreover, each account is associated with personal data, which are risky to divulge. The account's original owner remains forever responsible for their character's actions. They can be prosecuted criminally in the event of serious actions performed with their account.

Discussion Channels

  • Flooding, which consists of repeating the same message several times within a short period, is not allowed.
  • Trade flooding (on the common black color channel) is prohibited outside of the merchant maps.* This is considering to be flooding.
  • Recruitment flooding is also prohibited.
  • Each channel has its own function, indicated when you hover your mouse over the check box to enable/disable the channel. Misusing channels is forbidden.
  • Making excessive use of special characters, highlighting your message by writing in capital letters, repeating a character so draw attention, and using the @ symbol or any other character in order to display the automatic warning message "Attention" against dangerous sites are also forbidden.
  • Advertising third-party sites, including those related to DOFUS Touch, is forbidden.

*The positions of marketplaces are indicated on the world map. The one in Astrub is located in the Zaap basement.


  • Due to the high risk of thefts and hoaxes, the unauthorized organization of lotteries that call on the generosity of other players to provide the prizes is forbidden.
  • In order to maintain the stability of the DOFUS Touch servers and preserve the quality of the game that depends on this stability, organizing events whose sole purpose is to form a crowd is forbidden.

Respecting Other Players

  • To maintain a respectful atmosphere for all players, polite language is required at all times. Vulgarity; insults; racist, xenophobic, homophobic and sexist terms and, more generally, any inappropriate comments are absolutely not permitted.
  • Each server has been assigned its own language. When using public channels, players must communicate only in this language. Player are free to use any language in the private channels.
  • Scamming is forbidden. It's never a good feeling to realize that you've been tricked or manipulated in any way. Therefore, all scams detected directly in the game by moderators will be sanctioned.
  • Identity theft is forbidden, whether it be the identity of a player, guild, moderator, or Ankama member, and regardless of intent (whether good or bad).
  • Revealing another player's personal information is forbidden.
  • Generally speaking, it is forbidden to interfere with the smooth operation of other players' games.


  • The following are prohibited:
    - Trading of accounts, guilds, and/or alignment.
    - Trading of kamas outside of kama markets.
    - Inter-server trading.
  • It is illegal to sell resources at exorbitant prices in order to maintain or monetize a place in merchant mode. Outside of marketplace positions, each player is entitled to a maximum of one active merchant mode per map.


  • It is illegal to take advantage of a bug in the game. Any anomalies must be reported to Support in the appropriate section.
  • Using a third-party program (commonly called a "bot") is prohibited.
  • Creating, using, or promoting a private DOFUS Touch server is prohibited.
  • Modifying the DOFUS Touch client is prohibited. This includes all the files present in the DOFUS Touch installation directory.
  • Using one's character to block or make it difficult to access NPCs, map changing cells, or any points normally accessible in the game is forbidden.
  • Use of more than two DOFUS Touch accounts by the same player in PvP Perceptor, Prism, Kolossium, Alliance versus Alliance or Aggression fights is forbidden.

Moderators ensure the rules are followed in the game. They do not in any way replace Support ( Failure to follow the rules listed here will expose you to immediate and/or deferred sanctions, which may include group or individual warnings. These warnings may lead to a permanent ban of your account(s).