Type: Cloak
Level: 194
"This cape is supposed to protect the wearer from the dreams and illusions of the ethereal dimension. Does it really work? We would need to be able to come and go through the dimensions to get to the bottom of it. Apart from Magus Ax on his good days (or the days when he's had a drink or two), not many people have ever boasted about doing so." - A quote from Count Harebourg.
301 to 350 Vitality
46 to 60 Strength
46 to 60 Chance
41 to 60 Wisdom
6 to 10 Damage
11 to 20% Power
201 to 300 Initiative
1 to 2 Summons
11 to 15 Prospecting
6 to 10 Earth Resistance
6 to 10 Air Resistance
6 to 10% Neutral Resistance
Tailor Level 194
Hail Cape is part of the Hail Set Lvl 198