Type: Hat
Level: 193
"In case of disturbance in the astral veil, pull this over your head pretty quickly". A safety note engraved by Count Harebourg himself! You don't know what an astral veil is, but having slipped this out-of-the-ordinary hat onto your not-quite-as-out-of-the-ordinary head, you're ready to race off on an adventure, or into a wall!
251 to 300 Vitality
56 to 70 Intelligence
56 to 70 Agility
36 to 50 Wisdom
4 to 6 Critical Hits
7 to 10 Damage
16 to 20 Prospecting
8 to 12 Fire Resistance
8 to 12 Air Resistance
Tailor Level 193
Sleet Helmet is part of the Sleet Set Lvl 197