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Type: Amulet
Level: 198
A delicious, yet frighteningly sticky honey drips from this amulet. If you put it around your neck, you'll benefit from a free, progressive depilation of your entire torso. If you really want to put it in your mouth, you'd be advised to do so before you wear it around your neck, unless you like recipes based on body hair.
201 to 250 Vitality
31 to 50 Intelligence
31 to 50 Agility
31 to 50 Chance
31 to 50 Wisdom
3 to 4 Critical Hits
1 Range
1 AP
1 MP
7 to 10 Fire Damage
7 to 10 Air Damage
7 to 10 Water Damage
11 to 15 Pushback Resistance
4 to 5 MP Reduction
4 to 5 Dodge
Intelligence < 560 and
Chance < 560 and
Agility < 560
Jeweller Level 198
Celestial Bearbarian Amulet is part of the Celestial Bearbarian Set Lvl 199