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Type: Ring
Level: 173
The jeweller who crafted this ring, which has been passed down from generation to generation of Cestrals, was certainly no great talent. The "Z" which adorns the seal appears back-to-front when you seal an envelope with it. Actually, you're not even sure it is a "Z". It might be an "N". Will you ever find out? Probably not.
151 to 200 Vitality
26 to 35 Intelligence
16 to 25 Agility
26 to 35 Wisdom
4 to 5 Heals
11 to 15% Power
201 to 300 Initiative
7 to 10 Fire Damage
7 to 10 Air Damage
5 to 7 Earth Resistance
5 to 7 Water Resistance
4 to 5 MP Parry
-7 to 10 MP Reduction
Jeweller Level 173