Type: Amulet
Level: 186
Two copies of this root-containing amulet were created by an eminent Frigostian biologist, and were supposed to help the inhabitants of the Snowbound Village rid themselves of the vegetal creatures from the Petrified Forest. The biologist disappeared without leaving any kind of instructions as to how to use them, and his son, who went off to find him, never found a single trace. The Frigostian islanders tried to recreate the effects of the two amulets and what you have in your hands is only a rough copy of the original.
201 to 250 Vitality
31 to 40 Wisdom
31 to 40% Power
4 to 5 Critical Hits
1 Range
1 AP
7 to 10 Prospecting
7 to 10 Earth Damage
7 to 10 Air Damage
7 to 10 Water Damage
5 to 7% Neutral Resistance
5 to 7% Fire Resistance
4 to 5 Lock
Title: Conqueror of Light
Jeweller Level 186