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Type: Boots
Level: 194
Snowfoux leather is known to be extremely resistant, but its unbearable odour tends to put off even the most seasoned shoemakers. Using Fuji Snowfoux leather helps a bit with this problem, but watch out, as there may be other side effects...
201 to 250 Vitality
31 to 50 Strength
31 to 50 Agility
31 to 50 Wisdom
2 to 3 Critical Hits
1 MP
11 to 20 Prospecting
8 to 12 Neutral Damage
8 to 12 Earth Damage
8 to 12 Air Damage
11 to 15 Neutral Resistance
11 to 15 Water Resistance
4 to 5 Lock
Shoemaker Level 194
Fuji Snowfoux Boots is part of the Fuji Snowfoux Set Lvl 195