Type: Amulet
Level: 86
Daggero took this blood-coloured pearl necklace from the body of a Kitsou chief who had attacked his village in the past, Red. Let's hope no one ever asks you where you got yours from. No ones going to believe you're a Pandawushu Master if you admit you just ordered a cheap copy from your jeweller.
31 to 50 Vitality
21 to 30 Intelligence
16 to 25 Wisdom
1 AP
4 to 6 Fire Damage
6 to 8 Neutral Resistance
6 to 8 Air Resistance
2 to 3 Dodge
6 to 8 Critical Resistance
Jeweller Level 86
Daggero's Red Necklace is part of the Daggero's Set Lvl 88