Type: Ring
Level: 198
This ring has sharp extremities which allow the wearer to mark the trees that need felling. They say that after a heavy night on the juice, Brouce Boulgoure gently stroked the wings of his dear wife Kassiopee Baine with this ring, leaving her with beastly tree fell markings. Being the fiery character that she was, she took his axe without asking which, of course, then gave him a real reason to mash up her wings. The moral of the story? Don't get on the wrong side of a lumberjack.
251 to 300 Vitality
51 to 70 Strength
21 to 30 Wisdom
1 Range
11 to 15 Neutral Damage
11 to 15 Earth Damage
7 to 10% Fire Resistance
5 to 7 MP Parry
4 to 5 Dodge
Jeweller Level 198