Type: Hat
Level: 196
Allister was a shepherd... Then, he founded the first ever guild in the history of the World of Twelve. He went on to capture the demon Esra'Ruoy'Dnim by filling him with Gobball blood and imprisoning him in Amakna. These efforts were enough to make Allister a well-respected and popular king. A fine example for the deprived youth of today who sit and play all day long and never set off on adventures of their own.
351 to 400 Vitality
71 to 100 Agility
31 to 40 Wisdom
1 Range
1 to 2 Summons
11 to 15 Prospecting
16 to 20 Air Damage
7 to 10% Air Resistance
6 to 8 MP Parry
6 to 8 Lock
Tailor Level 196