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Type: Ring
Level: 196
This wheel-shaped ring turns on itself very slowly, in a clockwise direction. Only Henual understands the importance of this very discreet movement. One thing's for sure: the ring must not stop turning under any circumstances. Be very careful, the state of the entire Krosmoz may well depend on the piece of jewellery wrapped around your finger.
151 to 200 Vitality
31 to 40 Strength
31 to 40 Intelligence
31 to 40 Wisdom
11 to 15 Neutral Damage
11 to 15 Earth Damage
11 to 15 Fire Damage
8 to 12 Neutral Resistance
8 to 12 Earth Resistance
8 to 12 Fire Resistance
-4 to 6 MP Reduction
6 to 8 Dodge
-7 to 10 Critical Resistance
Jeweller Level 196