Type: Cloak
Level: 198
If you struggle to find new reasons to stay at home every time your friends ask you out, then this flamboyant cloak is just what you need. Sling it over your shoulders and it'll generate a torrent of excuses, from "I'm washing my hair" and "My Bow Meow died" to that old chestnut "A band of marauding Mastogobs destroyed my house". Mind you, it's so hideous that no one would want to be seen dead with you anyway, so its vocal talents are somewhat wasted.
301 to 350 Vitality
71 to 100 Strength
4 to 6 Critical Hits
1 MP
14 to 18 Neutral Damage
14 to 18 Earth Damage
7 to 10% Fire Resistance
6 to 8% Water Resistance
4 to 5% Air Resistance
11 to 15 Critical Resistance
AP < 12
Tailor Level 198