Type: Hat
Level: 200
If you think you're teasing, mischievous or a joker right now, it's probably because of this headgear. Indeed, it has been imbued with the character of its former wearer, an impish little monkey whose main occupation was annoying the gods by playing bad tricks on them all day long. The monkey ended up being turned into a mountain, so go easy on the jokes.
301 to 350 Vitality
61 to 80 Chance
31 to 50 Wisdom
11 to 15 Prospecting
7 to 10 Dodge
11 to 15 Water Damage
5 to 7% Air Resistance
5 to 7% Fire Resistance
9 to 12 AP Parry
1 Summons
3 to 5 Critical Hits
Tailor Level 200