Type: Cloak
Level: 200
The staff attached to the back of this cloak has a very unusual power. It can change size at will, making this an item coveted by all, especially men who think that their virility depends on the size of their stick. It's often forgotten that too big a stick is impossible to handle, so why would you want a big stick at whatever cost if you're not going to use it? Besides, that's why the Monkiki'ng uses a sword.
351 to 400 Vitality
41 to 60 Chance
11 to 20% Power
16 to 20 Pushback Resistance
31 to 40 Wisdom
16 to 20 Prospecting
11 to 15 Water Damage
7 to 10% Earth Resistance
3 to 5% Neutral Resistance
7 to 10% Fire Resistance
3 to 4 Critical Hits
Tailor Level 200