Type: Amulet
Level: 103
This amulet is made of a mixture of Ambusher leaves and litter from Moon island. It looks more like a garland than a real amulet, but it will help you seduce the wildlife of the island, which almost exclusively consists of abominable creatures. No Ambusher will resist you, they all will fly into your arms to give you a hickey. Only the most unlucky in love will appreciate this piece.
71 to 100 Vitality
1 AP
21 to 30 Strength
21 to 30 Chance
11 to 20 Wisdom
4 to 6 Earth Damage
4 to 6 Neutral Damage
4 to 6 Water Damage
5 to 7% Neutral Resistance
3 to 4 Critical Hits
Deceitful Amulet is part of the Ambusher Set Lvl 103