Type: Ring
Level: 92
Take some Ambusher leaves, pile them up, let them macerate in stale alcohol, pierce them, drink the left-over alcohol, stick the leaves around a piece of bark, fix some pieces of Kokoko leaves with a slimy material, and here is a magnificent Deceitful Wedding Ring. It smells really bad and it will be quite handy for you to justify the smell of your fingers overall if you have a tendency to put them everywhere. Especially where you shouldn't.
71 to 100 Vitality
21 to 30 Strength
21 to 30 Chance
3 to 4 Earth Damage
3 to 4 Neutral Damage
3 to 4 Water Damage
11 to 20 Wisdom
Jeweller Level 92
Deceitful Wedding Ring is part of the Ambusher Set Lvl 103