Type: Belt
Level: 96
Outstanding handicraft made of remains of Ambushers and litter picked up along the Moon beaches, in the middle of the foul foam, this belt, when worn alone, will give you a really surprising look. Enough to disconcert your enemies or surprise your beloved, you'll be able to take advantage of this special moment when, for once, you'll have the upper hand.
91 to 120 Vitality
3 to 4 Critical Hits
26 to 40 Strength
26 to 40 Chance
7 to 10 Wisdom
2 to 3 Dodge
3 to 5 Earth Damage
3 to 5 Neutral Damage
3 to 5 Water Damage
3 to 4% Air Resistance
Shoemaker Level 96
Deceitful Belt is part of the Ambusher Set Lvl 103