Type: Cloak
Level: 80
This cape, a fashionable patchwork of cloth and leather, has allowed Farle Ingalsse to single-handedly sow entire fields for numberless seasons on end. Once folded up and used as a pouch, its capacity seems to be almost unlimited. Nobody really knows the tailor behind this marvel. All the story tells us is that his business went tail-up when his clients began to confuse his cloaks with floor cloths. What a sad end to a fine career!
26 to 35 Vitality
16 to 20 Wisdom
26 to 35 Agility
1 Summons
201 to 250 pods
2 to 3 Water Resistance
2 to 3 Air Resistance
2 to 3 Fire Resistance
2 to 3 Earth Resistance
2 to 3 Neutral Resistance
4 to 5% Air Resistance
4 to 5% Water Resistance
Tailor Level 80
Farle's Cloak is part of the Farle Ingalsse Set Lvl 80