Type: Cloak
Level: 100
Wear this cloak to look like a battle-weary Bwork warrior. It's perfect for stealing lunch money off the elderly in the village. All the same, if you're in search of a soul mate, you might want to change your approach... unless you wear it with nothing else on... Hey, that's it... that way, you can keep on scaring the elderly of the village too! Kill two birds with one stone.
36 to 50 Vitality
26 to 40 Agility
26 to 40 Chance
3 to 4 Damage
4 to 5 Prospecting
3 to 4 Water Resistance
3 to 4 Air Resistance
3 to 4 Fire Resistance
3 to 4 Earth Resistance
3 to 4 Neutral Resistance
4 to 5% Air Resistance
4 to 5% Fire Resistance
4 to 5% Water Resistance
Bwork Chief Cloak is part of the Bwork Chief Set Lvl 100