Type: Hat
Level: 110
It was an old, unlucky, bitter Enutrof who first discovered this terrible hat, hidden at the bottom of a crevasse in the Bimd'Oule Caverns. Later, the Enutrof exiled himself far away from the lands of Amakna to escape boredom and discover new horizons. Legend tells that he comes back to his native land once a century to make fun of his old friends... but we all know he's just a bit nostalgic.
26 to 40 Agility
101 to 150 Vitality
26 to 40 Chance
16 to 25% Power
1 Summons
201 to 300 Initiative
16 to 20 Prospecting
5 to 7 Fire Resistance
2 to 3 Critical Hits
5 to 7% Fire Resistance
8 to 12 Critical Damage
Tailor Level 110