Type: Belt
Level: 80
This belt of leather used to protect Shika's thighs when she ran across the wheat fields to bring back to their herd lost Gobballs. Covered with pollen from magic cereals, legend says that it used to shimmer in the moonlight and ensured Farle didn't cut his wife's legs while reaping fields of cereals at night.
21 to 30 Intelligence
11 to 15 Wisdom
4 to 5% Power
4 to 5 Prospecting
2 to 3 Air Resistance
2 to 3 Water Resistance
2 to 3 Fire Resistance
3 to 5% Fire Resistance
6 to 10% Earth Resistance
Shoemaker Level 80
Shika's Belt is part of the Shika Ingalsse Set Lvl 80