Type: Belt
Level: 181
This belt is used in the feast of the Dofus eggs which celebrates the gift of the six eggs, as recorded in the Biibl, an ancient text written by a Bontarian Joiner. Most people just paint ordinary eggs to look like Dofus and give them to one another, but some go a bit further, wearing this painful belt for the forty days and nights which precede the feast.
31 to 50 Chance
31 to 50 Intelligence
21 to 30 Wisdom
251 to 300 Vitality
1 to 2 Critical Hits
4 to 5 Damage
4 to 5 Heals
1 Range
6 to 10% Power
11 to 20 Prospecting
6 to 10 Neutral Resistance
6 to 10% Neutral Resistance
Shoemaker Level 181
Biibl Belt is part of the Gladiator Bworker Set Lvl 189