1981 items matched your criteria
Name Primary bonus Type Level
Oshimo's Boots Oshimo's Boots Boots Lvl 199
Nileza's Boots Nileza's Boots Boots Lvl 199
Broucey Ring Broucey Ring Ring Lvl 198
Nomarow's Helmet Nomarow's Helmet Hat Lvl 198
Hel Munster's Helmet Hel Munster's Helmet Hat Lvl 198
Missiz Freezz's Ring Missiz Freezz's Ring Ring Lvl 198
Celestial Bearbarian Amulet Celestial Bearbarian Amulet Amulet Lvl 198
Thermal Cloak Thermal Cloak Cloak Lvl 198
Aermyne's Helmet Aermyne's Helmet Hat Lvl 198
Klime's Belt Klime's Belt Belt Lvl 198
Bearbaric Wedding Ring Bearbaric Wedding Ring Ring Lvl 198
Oshimo's Helmet Oshimo's Helmet Hat Lvl 198
Antyklime Ax's Cloak Antyklime Ax's Cloak Cloak Lvl 198
Nileza's Cloak Nileza's Cloak Cloak Lvl 198
Father Whupper Belt Father Whupper Belt Belt Lvl 198
Firefoux Bag Firefoux Bag Backpack Lvl 198
Shylock's Ring Shylock's Ring Ring Lvl 198
Sylargh's Cloak Sylargh's Cloak Cloak Lvl 198
Cloak of a Thousand Excuses Cloak of a Thousand Excuses Cloak Lvl 198
Practi Cape Practi Cape Cloak Lvl 198
Vicious Boots Vicious Boots Boots Lvl 198
Kan-O-Mat Cloak Kan-O-Mat Cloak Cloak Lvl 198
Lemming Bracelet Lemming Bracelet Ring Lvl 197
Father Whupper Boots Father Whupper Boots Boots Lvl 197