1988 items matched your criteria
Name Primary bonus Type Level
Count Harebourg's Boots Count Harebourg's Boots Boots Lvl 200
Age-Old Amulet Age-Old Amulet Amulet Lvl 200
Cryochrone Helmet Cryochrone Helmet Hat Lvl 200
Cycloid Boots Cycloid Boots Boots Lvl 200
White Lai Amulet White Lai Amulet Amulet Lvl 200
Hot Docs Hot Docs Boots Lvl 200
Goulring Goulring Ring Lvl 200
Goulboots Goulboots Boots Lvl 200
Spectral Bandit Boots Spectral Bandit Boots Boots Lvl 200
Abyssal Headgear Abyssal Headgear Hat Lvl 200
Amulet of the Unspeakable Amulet of the Unspeakable Amulet Lvl 200
Transporter Shield Transporter Shield Shield Lvl 200
Captain Amakna Shield Captain Amakna Shield Shield Lvl 200
Fugitive Hat Fugitive Hat Hat Lvl 200
Tannery Shield Tannery Shield Shield Lvl 200
Dumsh's Amulet Dumsh's Amulet Amulet Lvl 200
Dina Tapio Amulet Dina Tapio Amulet Amulet Lvl 200
Monkiki'ng Cloak Monkiki'ng Cloak Cloak Lvl 200
Simian Shield Simian Shield Shield Lvl 200
Plantamulet Plantamulet Amulet Lvl 200