Type: Pet
Level: 1
This terrifying creature takes cruel pleasure in sucking the blood out of its victims, and you'll be next if you're not careful. What it likes most of all, though, is sinking its teeth into a big filthy Skeleton and nibbling every last edible morsel off its bones. We told you it was terrifying. Favourite area: anywhere the living-dead can be found.
0 to 149 Vitality
1 Vitality
Max effects with hormone
Hormone dropped by:
164 Vitality
61 Vitality
Monster souls
1 Vitality
30 x Chafer, 30 x Kwoan, 30 x Primitive Chafer, 20 x Rib, 20 x Invisible Chafer, 20 x Chafer Archer, 20 x Chafer Foot Soldier, 15 x Chafer Lancer, 10 x Elite Chafer, 10 x Draugur Chafer, 2 x Ronin Chafer
Favourite area and Area bonus 100 %
Amakna, Cania Plains, Sidimote Moors