Type: Pet
Level: 1
This pet had a long, hard childhood, starting with its name. Maybe all this explains why its only obsession in life is killing Ouassingues and eating anything left on their bones. Favourite area: the Amaknian Continent.
0 to 999 pods
1 pods
Max effects with hormone
Hormone dropped by:
1099 pods
401 pods
Monster souls
10 pods
50 x Ouassingal, 50 x Ouassingue, 40 x Boggedown Ouassingue, 20 x Miremop, 15 x Mopeat, 1 x Mopy King
Favourite area and Area bonus 20 %
Amakna, Tainela, Sufokia, Treechnid Forest, Bonta, Cania Plains, Brakmar, Sidimote Moors, Dopple Territory, Imp Village, Trool Fair, Astrub, The Dragon Pig's Maze, Treechnid Dungeon, Koalak Mountain, Tofu House, Canidae Dungeon, Koolich Cavern, Pet Sanctuary, Crackler Dungeon, Bwork Dungeon, Scaraleaf Dungeon, Field Dungeon, Dragon Pig Dungeon, Dreggon Dungeon