Type: Pet
Level: 1
This creature from elsewhere was tamed by its former master to only eat Blops. This may explain its strange appearance and its foul breath.
Max effects with hormone
Hormone dropped by: Royal Rainbow Blop
550 Vitality
Monster souls
10 Vitality
80 x Indigo Biblop, 80 x Coco Biblop, 80 x Morello Cherry Biblop, 80 x Pippin Biblop, 60 x Coco Blop, 60 x Indigo Blop, 60 x Morello Cherry Blop, 60 x Pippin Blop, 60 x Blopshroom, 60 x Trunkiblop, 50 x Greedoblop, 2 x Royal Coco Blop, 2 x Royal Morello Cherry Blop, 2 x Royal Indigo Blop, 2 x Royal Pippin Blop, 1 x Royal Rainbow Blop, 1 x Blopium the Delirious