Type: Pet
Level: 1
This strange pet is a cross of the best truffle hunters in all Amakna. Its massive snout lets it sniff out all sorts of rare plants, even ones hidden underwater. It seems Otomai took several years to achieve this species, and it's said that he's using it to correct one of his mistakes and find what he lost or let escape. The Ghoultus was raised on the beaches of Otomai Island and devours only the souls of the creatures that live there.
Max effects with hormone
Hormone dropped by: Great Coralator
75 Power
Monster souls
1 Power
60 x Coralator, 60 x Kurasso Craboral, 60 x Mahlibuh Craboral, 60 x Passaoh Craboral, 60 x Mojeeto Craboral, 60 x Kurasso Palmflower, 60 x Mahlibuh Palmflower, 60 x Passaoh Palmflower, 60 x Mojeeto Palmflower, 5 x Kojaklator the Lollipoper, 5 x Crabartanian the Allforone, 5 x Craborthos the All, 5 x Crabaramis the One, 5 x Crabathos the For, 5 x Palmella the Hefty, 5 x Palmpilot the Yuppie, 5 x Palmoleaf the Greasy, 5 x Naypalm the Herbivorous, 2 x Great Coralator