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Type: Pet
Level: 1
Tarzantulas are incredibly badly behaved, jump around everywhere, scream all the time and bite anyone they meet... but you love them all the same! Mother Nature blessed this Tarzantula with a ferocious appetite, and so the little soul eater loves devouring Moskitos and Larvae. Favourite area: anywhere Arachnees live.
Reflects 0 to 9 damage
Reflects 1 damage
Max effects with hormone
Hormone dropped by: Shin Larva
Reflects 10 damage
Reflects 2 damage
Monster souls
Reflects 1 damage
150 x Moskito, 100 x Blue Larva, 100 x Green Larva, 100 x Orange Larva, 60 x Sapphire Larva, 60 x Ruby Larva, 60 x Emerald Larva, 60 x Golden Larva, 5 x Shin Larva
Favourite area and Area bonus 80 %
Amakna, Tainela, Treechnid Forest, Astrub