Type: Pet
Level: 1
This tofu was struck by lightning 11 times while still growing. It'll give you an electric shock if you stroke it, and it'll shock you with electricity if you don't stroke it. The choice is yours. This soul-eater loves rats, so it jumps at the chance to devour them if any are around.
Max effects with hormone
Hormone dropped by: Black Rat
17 Damage
Monster souls
1 Damage
350 x Sick Grossewer Rat, 350 x Sick Grossewer Milirat, 200 x Grossewer Rat, 200 x Grossewer Shaman, 200 x Hyoactive Rat, 100 x Rat Suenami, 100 x Rat Tchet, 100 x Rat Bag, 100 x Rat Basher, 100 x Rat Pakk, 100 x Rat Rah, 80 x Ratworm, 80 x Ratfink, 80 x Packrat, 80 x Rugrat, 80 x Ratter, 80 x Brat, 80 x Riffrat, 80 x Prat, 20 x Black Rat, 20 x White Rat, 4 x Sphincter Cell