Type: Pet
Level: 1
This Tofurby fell into a cauldron of cheese fondue when it was tiny. It has grown a little more plump with every day that has passed, and the other Tofus constantly tease it about its weight. It has decided to put its evident talent to good use, and eat them all in revenge. This soul-devouring pet will only eat other Tofus. Favourite area: anywhere Tofus live.
0 to 49 Wisdom
1 Wisdom
Max effects with hormone
Hormone dropped by: Royal Tofu
54 Wisdom
6 Wisdom
Monster souls
1 Wisdom
200 x Tofu, 150 x Sick Tofu, 150 x Al Howin Tofu, 150 x Black Tofu, 125 x Small Tofu, 125 x Young Black Tofu, 125 x Paunchy Tofu, 125 x Young Tofoone, 50 x Tofukaz, 30 x Tofoone, 30 x Tofurby, 15 x Tofuzmo, 15 x Ugly Tofu, 15 x Blastofu, 10 x Batofu, 10 x Tofubine, 10 x Podgy Tofu, 1 x Royal Tofu
Favourite area and Area bonus 50 %
Amakna, Tainela, Astrub, Tofu House