Type: Pet
Level: 1
This tofu fell into a cauldron of cheese fondue when it was tiny. It has grown a little plump, and the other tofus constantly tease it about its weight. So be it. It has decided to eat them all in revenge. This soul-eating pet eats other tofus.
Max effects with hormone
Hormone dropped by: Royal Tofu
55 Wisdom
Monster souls
1 Wisdom
200 x Tofu, 150 x Sick Tofu, 150 x Al Howin Tofu, 150 x Black Tofu, 50 x Tofukaz, 30 x Tofoone, 30 x Tofurby, 15 x Tofuzmo, 15 x Ugly Tofu, 15 x Blastofu, 10 x Batofu, 10 x Tofubine, 10 x Podgy Tofu, 1 x Royal Tofu