Type: Pet
Level: 80
This sweet little Brockhard's fur is as smooth as the buttocks of a Mama Bwork, but don't be fooled. Its cute appearance lulls its peers into a false sense of security, and it devours them while they sleep. Its mood seems to have improved since you adopted it, however, because now it throws himself at its peers even when they're awake. This soul-eating pet feeds on the creatures of the Fangs of Glass. Favourite area: the island of Frigost.
Max effects with hormone
Hormone dropped by: Kolosso
22 Air Damage
Monster souls
1 Air Damage
30 x Bestial Brockhard, 30 x Venomous Brockhard, 30 x Gluttonous Brockhard, 30 x Nightcrawling Brockhard, 30 x Pyrotechnic Brockhard, 30 x Icy Brockhard, 1 x Kolosso
Favourite area and Area bonus 20 %
Frigost Island
Brockheart is part of the Murderous Set Lvl 150