Type: Pet
Level: 80
This little Bearbarian cub escaped from Professor Obsidian-Heart's laboratory and was rescued by Granny Capping. Starved of affection, it tries to kiss you all the time, so you should probably rub some antiseptic cream around your mouth to avoid getting stubble rash. This soul-eating pet feeds on the creatures of Mount Scauldron. Favourite area: Frigost Island.
Max effects with hormone
Hormone dropped by: Celestial Bearbarian
22 Fire Damage
Monster souls
1 Fire Damage
30 x Apewicubic Bearbarian, 30 x Torpid Bearbarian, 30 x Vespal Bearbarian, 30 x Esurient Bearbarian, 30 x Rampant Bearbarian, 30 x Mellifluous Bearbarian, 1 x Celestial Bearbarian
Favourite area and Area bonus 20 %
Frigost Island
Teddybearbarian is part of the Infernal Set Lvl 150