Type: Pet
Level: 1
As contradictory as it may seem, Tofume is a very kind Evil Tofu. He will happily accompany you as you exterminate all of the creatures that live in the cemeteries of Amakna, Bonta and Brakmar, and will throw himself into the task with gusto. Need I specify that the concept of kindness is relative? Favourite area: the cemeteries mentioned.
Reflects 0 to 9 damage
Reflects 1 damage
Max effects with hormone
Hormone dropped by: Ronin Chafer
Reflects 9 damage
Reflects 1 damage
Monster souls
Reflects 1 damage
150 x Evil Tofu, 150 x Vampire, 150 x Kwoan, 100 x Chafer, 100 x Vampire Master, 100 x Primitive Chafer, 80 x Rib, 80 x Invisible Chafer, 60 x Chafer Archer, 60 x Chafer Foot Soldier, 50 x Chafer Lancer, 50 x Burning Ghost, 50 x Brave Ghost, 50 x Ghost Hicidal, 50 x Apero Ghost, 40 x Elite Chafer, 40 x Draugur Chafer, 6 x Ronin Chafer, 2 x Rib the Torn, 2 x Vamp the Impalest, 2 x Chaferanho the Essential, 2 x Chaferotix the Sixtininth, 2 x Chafaldrag the Charming, 2 x Chafermented the Drinker, 2 x Tofulsom the Jailer, 2 x Chafred the Fish, 2 x Chaferuption the Volcanic, 2 x Aperobics the Dynamic, 2 x Polterghaisk the Stray Soul, 2 x Ghostabrava the Tourist, 2 x Kwoanium the Smart, 2 x Lord Lacedhat the Vampiric, 2 x Arepotair the Bespectacled
Favourite area and Area bonus 100 %
Amakna, Sidimote Moors