Type: Pet
Level: 1
As contradictory as it may seem, Tofume is a very kind evil tofu. He will help you exterminate all the creatures living in the cemeteries of Amakna, Bonta and Brakmar, and enjoy every minute of it. Need I add that the concept of kindness is relative?
Max effects with hormone
Hormone dropped by: Ronin Chafer
44 Critical Damage
Monster souls
1 Critical Damage
100 x Chafer, 100 x Rib, 100 x Invisible Chafer, 100 x Evil Tofu, 100 x Vampire Master, 100 x Vampire, 100 x Kwoan, 100 x Primitive Chafer, 75 x Chafer Archer, 75 x Chafer Foot Soldier, 65 x Chafer Lancer, 65 x Elite Chafer, 65 x Burning Ghost, 65 x Brave Ghost, 65 x Ghost Hicidal, 65 x Apero Ghost, 65 x Draugur Chafer, 6 x Ronin Chafer, 2 x Rib the Torn, 2 x Vamp the Impalest, 2 x Chaferanho the Essential, 2 x Chaferotix the Sixtininth, 2 x Chafaldrag the Charming, 2 x Chafermented the Drinker, 2 x Tofulsom the Jailer, 2 x Chafred the Fish, 2 x Chaferuption the Volcanic, 2 x Aperobics the Dynamic, 2 x Polterghaisk the Stray Soul, 2 x Ghostabrava the Tourist, 2 x Kwoanium the Smart, 2 x Lord Lacedhat the Vampiric, 2 x Arepotair the Bespectacled