Type: Petsmount
Level: 100
A reward for adventurers who have proved their worth by defeating Grozilla and Grasmera numerous times during their period of semi-dormancy, the Astrubian population will go crazy for this Madreggon. Driven mad by its rider's stupidity, all it eats is Vulkanian Sauroshell souls. Its favourite area is the archipelago of Vulkania.
0 to 70% Power
Exchangeable: 01/01/600 02:02
Know the emote
Max effects with hormone
Hormone dropped by: Grozilla
75% Power
Monster souls
1% Power
50 x Insipid Juvenile Sauroshell, 50 x Muddy Juvenile Sauroshell, 50 x Incandescent Juvenile Sauroshell, 50 x Moist Juvenile Sauroshell, 50 x Dry Juvenile Sauroshell, 35 x Insipid Novice Sauroshell, 35 x Muddy Novice Sauroshell, 35 x Incandescent Novice Sauroshell, 35 x Moist Novice Sauroshell, 35 x Dry Novice Sauroshell, 20 x Insipid Mature Sauroshell, 20 x Muddy Mature Sauroshell, 20 x Incandescent Mature Sauroshell, 20 x Moist Mature Sauroshell, 20 x Dry Mature Sauroshell, 8 x Sleepwalking Grozilla, 8 x Sleepwalking Grasmera, 6 x Exhausted Grozilla, 6 x Exhausted Grasmera, 5 x Insipid Venerable Sauroshell, 5 x Muddy Venerable Sauroshell, 5 x Incandescent Venerable Sauroshell, 5 x Moist Venerable Sauroshell, 5 x Dry Venerable Sauroshell, 4 x Tired Grozilla, 4 x Tired Grasmera, 2 x Grozilla, 2 x Grasmera
Favourite area and Area bonus 200 %
Archipelago of Vulkania