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Type: Petsmount
Level: 60
A loyal hunting companion of the Goblimps who travel the Taiga, the Slayhound's bite is worse than his bark. He eats the souls of the Kwismas monsters. Kwismas Island is his favourite area.
0 to 80 Prospecting
Exchangeable: 01/01/600 02:02
Max effects with hormone
Hormone dropped by: Father Kwismas
90 Prospecting
Monster souls
1 Prospecting
480 x Frozen Tofu, 480 x Pricky, 480 x Snowy Tofu, 480 x Larvicy, 480 x Pokipik, 480 x Kwismas Whitish Fang, 240 x Wintry Kaniger, 240 x Kitsou Nakwatus, 240 x Black Tiwabbitus, 240 x Kwakus, 240 x Kwismas Dragoturkey, 120 x Snowman, 120 x Hibernal Tofu, 120 x Snowball, 120 x Larvicily, 60 x Abominable Snow Yiti, 60 x Ice Crackler, 60 x Minimini Inuit, 60 x Wild Kwismas Dragoturkey, 30 x Sakai Firefoux, 30 x Prez' Plozion, 30 x Prez, 30 x Itzting, 30 x Impetuous Kwismas Dragoturkey, 15 x Mini Inuit, 15 x Stuffed Tofu, 15 x Stuffed Gobball, 15 x Stuffed Wabbit, 10 x Father Kwismas, 5 x Kwismas Minotoball, 1 x Father Whupper
Favourite area and Area bonus 50 %
Kwismas Island