Type: Pet
Level: 1
If this Frozen Tofu does have a beak under that pile of snow, it's also pretty pecked off about the other creatures who live on Kwismas Island, its favourite area. It'd be only too happy to help you defrost them.
Reflects 0 to 9 damage
Reflects 1 damage
Max effects with hormone
Hormone dropped by: Itzting
Reflects 10 damage
Reflects 2 damage
Monster souls
Reflects 1 damage
480 x Frozen Tofu, 480 x Pricky, 480 x Snowy Tofu, 480 x Larvicy, 480 x Pokipik, 480 x Kwismas Whitish Fang, 240 x Wintry Kaniger, 240 x Kitsou Nakwatus, 240 x Black Tiwabbitus, 240 x Kwakus, 240 x Kwismas Dragoturkey, 120 x Snowman, 120 x Hibernal Tofu, 120 x Snowball, 120 x Larvicily, 60 x Abominable Snow Yiti, 60 x Ice Crackler, 60 x Minimini Inuit, 60 x Wild Kwismas Dragoturkey, 30 x Sakai Firefoux, 30 x Prez' Plozion, 30 x Prez, 30 x Itzting, 30 x Impetuous Kwismas Dragoturkey, 15 x Mini Inuit, 15 x Stuffed Tofu, 15 x Stuffed Gobball, 15 x Stuffed Wabbit, 10 x Father Kwismas, 5 x Kwismas Minotoball, 3 x Father Whupper
Favourite area and Area bonus 100 %
Kwismas Island