Type: Pet
Level: 1
Scarakiri has a very extreme sense of honour. No longer able to bear the unjustified hostility shown by its brothers on Minotoror Island, it's resigned itself to getting rid of them all one by one to re-establish the honour of its long line of honourable Scaratos. And it's in your best interests to help it as much as you can: if you fail, it's likely to atone for its faults by committing suicide.
Max effects with hormone
25 Pushback Resistance
12 Damage
Monster souls
1 Damage, 2 Pushback Resistance
40 x Minokid, 40 x Quetsnakiatl, 40 x Scaratos, 40 x Minoskito, 40 x Manderisha, 40 x Khamelerost, 10 x Mumminotor, 10 x Deminoball, 4 x Minotoror, 2 x Minotot