Type: Pet
Level: 1
Grauler is the smallest of all the Raul Mops, and it's not very happy about it. Even the Snappers are bigger than it is and they swim around, mocking it. It's always complaining about its fellow Mops, and it's decided to show them that size doesn't matter. It's going to help you teach them a lesson. Its favourite area is Cania Bay.
0 to 24 Wisdom
0 to 25% Power
1% Power
1 Wisdom
Max effects with hormone
Hormone dropped by: Sponge Mob
29 Wisdom
30% Power
8% Power
6 Wisdom
Monster souls
1 Wisdom, 1% Power
200 x Orange Snapper, 200 x Blue Snapper, 200 x White Snapper, 200 x Green Snapper, 150 x Kloon Snapper, 50 x Raul Mops, 20 x Sponge Mob
Favourite area and Area bonus 100 %
Cania Plains