Type: Pet
Level: 1
When you chose to adopt the Moowitty, you might have expected a pet who's a laugh a minute. Unfortunately, it's not half as funny as its name would have you believe. A fan of crude jokes in bad taste, the Moowitty will have you at your wit's end. It's been banned from the Canidae Dungeon and the Sidimote Moors, its favourite areas, and would love to go back there to confront its old peers under your protection. Be warned, it's got a few 'Yo Mama' jokes lined up for them...
0 to 29 Prospecting
0 to 30 Wisdom
1 Wisdom
1 Prospecting
Max effects with hormone
Hormone dropped by: Moowolf
35 Prospecting
66 Wisdom
7 Wisdom
7 Prospecting
Monster souls
1 Wisdom, 1 Prospecting
300 x Kolerat, 200 x Snoowolf, 150 x Scurvion, 150 x Whitish Fang, 150 x Ouginak, 100 x Kaniger, 100 x Lab Kolerat, 75 x Furious Whitish Fang, 75 x Rabid Ouginak, 75 x Reinforced Scurvion, 50 x Boowolf, 10 x Nelween, 4 x Moowolf
1 Wisdom
25 x Miliboowolf, 25 x Mature Kaniger
Favourite area and Area bonus 50 %
Sidimote Moors, Canidae Dungeon