Type: Pet
Level: 1
He's a little shell-shocked and a little crabby, but after years of experimentation, Mekrab has clawed his way out of the lab and into existence. He was designed to be a basic robotic life-form but, as with all crazy experimental subjects, he's gone a bit wrong… Obsessed with the meaning of life (as artificial as his is!), he has taken it upon himself to exterminate the Craborals and all other creatures like him on Otomai beach - his favourite area. He's counting on you to help him sponge up his prey's life-force... and then their lives.
0 to 9 Damage
1 Damage
Max effects with hormone
Hormone dropped by: Great Coralator
10 Damage
2 Damage
Monster souls
1 Damage
100 x Kurasso Craboral, 100 x Mahlibuh Craboral, 100 x Passaoh Craboral, 100 x Mojeeto Craboral, 75 x Kurasso Palmflower, 75 x Mahlibuh Palmflower, 75 x Passaoh Palmflower, 75 x Mojeeto Palmflower, 50 x Coralator, 10 x Great Coralator
Favourite area and Area bonus 50 %
Otomai Island