Type: Pet
Level: 1
Although Plop would never hurt a fly, he has never truly been accepted by the other aquatic monsters of the Astrub Rocky Inlet and Cania Bay. These monsters are horrified at the prospect of Plop growing up to be just like his three-times-removed cousin, the Giant Kralove, who scares the living daylight out of them. You find all this injustice and prejudice really infuriating. Go and show those Beach Monsters how wrong they are by hashing it out the only way you know how: violence.
Max effects with hormone
Hormone dropped by: Sponge Mob
11 Heals
Monster souls
1 Heals
400 x Crab, 200 x Orange Snapper, 200 x Blue Snapper, 200 x White Snapper, 200 x Green Snapper, 200 x Starfish Trooper, 150 x Kloon Snapper, 50 x Raul Mops, 20 x Sponge Mob