Type: Pet
Level: 1
Fed up of the injust way of life on the archipelago of Vulkania, this creature has decided to follow you and strike out against all the sauroshells unlucky enough to cross its path.
Know the emote
Max effects with hormone
Hormone dropped by: Exhausted Grozilla
75 Power
Monster souls
1 Power
50 x Insipid Juvenile Sauroshell, 50 x Muddy Juvenile Sauroshell, 50 x Incandescent Juvenile Sauroshell, 50 x Moist Juvenile Sauroshell, 50 x Dry Juvenile Sauroshell, 35 x Insipid Novice Sauroshell, 35 x Muddy Novice Sauroshell, 35 x Incandescent Novice Sauroshell, 35 x Moist Novice Sauroshell, 35 x Dry Novice Sauroshell, 20 x Insipid Mature Sauroshell, 20 x Muddy Mature Sauroshell, 20 x Incandescent Mature Sauroshell, 20 x Moist Mature Sauroshell, 20 x Dry Mature Sauroshell, 8 x Sleepwalking Grozilla, 8 x Sleepwalking Grasmera, 6 x Exhausted Grozilla, 6 x Exhausted Grasmera, 5 x Insipid Venerable Sauroshell, 5 x Muddy Venerable Sauroshell, 5 x Incandescent Venerable Sauroshell, 5 x Moist Venerable Sauroshell, 5 x Dry Venerable Sauroshell, 4 x Tired Grozilla, 4 x Tired Grasmera, 2 x Grozilla, 2 x Grasmera