Type: Petsmount
Level: 60
The Razorbuck is one of the oldest Boars in the World of Twelve. A legendary fighter who's considered a god by little porklings, it has always been the perfect role model and has spent a large part of its life keeping its longtime enemies, the delinquents of Pandala, in check. Favourite area: the Island of Pandala.
0 to 25 Critical Damage
Exchangeable: 01/01/600 02:02
Max effects with hormone
Hormone dropped by: Pandora Master
27 Critical Damage
Monster souls
1 Critical Damage
100 x Pandit, 90 x Pandikaze, 80 x Pandulum, 50 x Giddy Pandikaze, 45 x Aerial Pandikaze, 40 x Pandulkaze, 30 x Pandikwakaze, 20 x Pandikaze Warrior, 8 x Pandora, 4 x Pandora Master
Favourite area and Area bonus 50 %
Neutral Pandala, Water Pandala, Earth Pandala, Fire Pandala, Air Pandala, Pandala Dungeon