Type: Pet
Level: 1
As its name might suggest, Bulbutting was created by taking cuttings, which means that it is a clone, genetically identical to its mother. So why does no other bulb look like it? Wanting to resolve the mystery of its origins, it decided to explore Pandala Island, its favourite area, to take several samples from others that are similar to it. If they don't survive the process, well, it's just too bad - all in the name of science.
0 to 999 pods
1 pods
Max effects with hormone
Hormone dropped by: Bulbig Brotha
1099 pods
401 pods
Monster souls
10 pods
40 x Bulbamboo, 30 x Bulbiflor, 20 x Bulbush, 10 x Bulbig, 1 x Bulbig Brotha
Favourite area and Area bonus 40 %
Neutral Pandala, Water Pandala, Earth Pandala, Fire Pandala, Air Pandala, Pandala Dungeon