Type: Pet
Level: 1
Snailmate is a Snailmet passioned by dark sciences. Its lack of hands doesn't make incantation easy so, as you can imagne, it's not too dangerous. All the same, it still strives to absorb the vital essence of the monsters from the Dark Jungle of Otomai, its favourite area, in the hope of one day obtaining their terrifying powers.
0 to 24 Critical Damage
1 Critical Damage
Max effects with hormone
Hormone dropped by: Perfidious Tynril
26 Critical Damage
3 Critical Damage
Monster souls
1 Critical Damage
40 x Gwass, 40 x Warguerite, 30 x Rotaflor, 30 x Barkritter, 20 x Floramor, 20 x Dark Pikoko, 20 x Dark Treeckler, 4 x Dismayed Tynril, 4 x Disconcerted Tynril, 4 x Perfidious Tynril, 4 x Stunned Tynril
Favourite area and Area bonus 50 %
Otomai Island