Type: Pet
Level: 1
As sticky as the forehead of a Bwork who's got acne. This pet feeds on Moon Beach Monsters' souls.
Max effects with hormone
Hormone dropped by: LeChouque
90 Strength
90 Intelligence
Monster souls
1 Strength
10 x Tikokoko, 10 x Kokoko, 10 x Kokonut, 10 x Red Turtle, 10 x Blue Turtle, 10 x Green Turtle, 10 x Yellow Turtle, 10 x Rokoko
1 Intelligence
1 x Bignstrong the Quartermaster, 1 x Turtan'ernie the Streetwise, 1 x Turtrenalds the Tragic, 1 x Turticorn the Horned, 1 x Turture the Hooded, 1 x Kokonan the Talker, 1 x Misskokoko the Channel