Type: Pet
Level: 1
As sticky as the forehead of an Astrubian who's got acne. Sewers and tunnels that are infested with rats always make its whiskers quiver, because it loves eating them.
Max effects with hormone
Hormone dropped by: Black Rat
22 Earth Damage
Monster souls
1 Earth Damage
60 x Sick Grossewer Rat, 60 x Sick Grossewer Milirat, 40 x Grossewer Rat, 40 x Hyoactive Rat, 30 x Grossewer Shaman, 30 x Rat Suenami, 30 x Rat Tchet, 30 x Rat Bag, 30 x Rat Basher, 30 x Rat Pakk, 30 x Rat Rah, 20 x Ratworm, 20 x Ratfink, 20 x Packrat, 20 x Rugrat, 20 x Ratter, 20 x Brat, 20 x Riffrat, 20 x Prat, 1 x Black Rat, 1 x White Rat, 1 x Sphincter Cell