Type: Pet
Level: 1
Bontarians are fond of the Bontick's loyalty and devotion, although others find it a bit too clingy. Once it's decided it likes you, you'll be stuck together like glue and the bond it's formed will be unbreakable, no matter how hard you try. You'll never be alone, not even in the bathroom.
Max effects with hormone
Hormone dropped by: Black Rat
440 Vitality
Monster souls
10 Vitality
220 x Sick Grossewer Milirat, 190 x Sick Grossewer Shaman, 165 x Sick Grossewer Rat, 140 x Grossewer Rat, 140 x Grossewer Shaman, 110 x Hyoactive Rat, 70 x Rat Suenami, 70 x Rat Tchet, 70 x Rat Bag, 70 x Rat Basher, 70 x Rat Pakk, 70 x Rat Rah, 35 x Ratworm, 35 x Ratfink, 35 x Packrat, 35 x Rugrat, 35 x Ratter, 35 x Brat, 35 x Riffrat, 35 x Prat, 14 x Black Rat, 14 x White Rat, 3 x Sphincter Cell